When the Rules Don’t Seem to Apply Anymore, Then What in Hollywood and Elsewhere? I Don’t Know!

Ever since accusations have been flung left and right at Hollywood actors and actresses about alleged abuse (some worse than others), I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the perceived vigilante justice on social media (those not intimately affected by the offender), and the effects of it such as the person being condemned whether they are actually guilty or not.  While there usually is some truth in every accusation made, I also believe certain people find the appeal to take part in the circus no matter what the consequences might be with much care.  They distort the reality of what happened and find it okay if the person’s name is further obliterated.

We have all skewed incidents to look more favorable to our friends and family.  We have all felt wronged at some point in our lives.  We have told the big fat lie and the little white lies.  I wasn’t going to write anything about this, but over the last months, it kept gnawing at me.  I’ve been conflicted about social media lately especially the negative effects that come with it.  I’m not entirely convinced if the power of self entitlement has become emboldened over the years because of social media or if it was there all along within people.  I recognize the positive effects such as bringing light onto subjects and principles that might have remain hidden, but does this outweigh the rest?  I’m not quite sure, but once sliced bread was discovered, there was no going back.  The same goes for the never-ending Facebook threads.

It’s been a large pill for me to swallow that as much as I want to believe I know what happened in certain situations I read or watch, I don’t.  The best I can offer is educated guesses based on past observances and gathered information.  No matter how the stone is cut, I wasn’t there and neither was any of the general public.  We can scream, yell, pick fights, and agree all we want, but this signals we’re all operating more from our personal convictions and beliefs than any other thing.  There has to be some medium in there although probably not much right now.  I’ve noticed an increasing divide in Hollywood and elsewhere because of social media.  In many ways it’s become an all or none where you are either for or against depending on what side you stand, and if you happen to be somewhere else on the line, then forget you.

The seeming bubble waiting to burst within the last few years have reinforced what I will not budge on for personal and humane reasons. I’ve become less sympathetic to the nonsense ripe for the picking and more thankful for those whose outlook values community.  Yet, I haven’t ditched my Mel Gibson movies in light of his terrible views on anyone not like him, but I won’t shop at certain stores based on past actions.  There’s no easy answer to all the problems facing the myriads of different people.  It almost seems a moot point to be writing about this.  Yet, I did because if I didn’t, I’d have another night thinking I should really write a short blog on this even if no one reads it and won’t be as I imagined.  So there you have it, the thoughts in my head.


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