Poem: The Deal

The Deal

You weren’t the exception that day for me.

I saw your hands gripping the steering wheel tight enough to make your

fingers cramp like one’s stomach does after overeating.

A person of your caliber never thinks logically when someone like me chases you.

It’s tragic knowing there’s nothing you can do to get away.

You claim your living the good life. You’re not.

A whole range of thoughts go through your head when your livelihood is at stake.

You possess a half-life, if that, and you know there’s never a way out.

I’m always on your heels.

The threat of your inside becoming your outside is real.

The cuts are now shallow. The hours will seem much longer.

You’ll find your life will further dissect until you can’t hold the minutes with ease.

You want what I have. You want my name. You want my power.

This will never happen when there’s nothing to add and everything to subtract.



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