Poem: Because I’m Human

Because I’m Human

I woke up hungry

and not because I hadn’t eaten the night before.

I did.   Okay, I really did.

Still, my stomach made noises right away,

and not those painful ones accompanied by growls.

I didn’t deny myself anything last night,

and yet the reminder before things get crazy,

before I become really mad,

and not able to control myself continued.

Hold on.

First things must come first.

I must brush the nasty taste out of my mouth,

and rid myself of what I drank the previous day.

No one likes cotton mouth.

No one likes bad breath.

No one likes to hold it.

 No eggs.  I understand.

The punishment of it all, but this was a year ago. 

There must’ve been some change within me.

I know.  I’m kidding myself.  I know.

Open the door and look inside. 

It’s the same thing.


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