Book Recommendation: Evil


Publisher: Basic Books

Publication: Reprint edition (September 8, 2004)

Page Number: 288

I didn’t plan to recommend this book in October, but it’s fitting since Halloween is often associated with things that lurk in the darkness.  Yet, evil is not rooted in Christianity or any particular religion alone.  It goes beyond one person being evil through their thoughts and then actions (often resulting in death).  It goes beyond a concept or idea that projects itself into society (by a persuasive person or group of people).  The phenomenon of evil exists and is pervasive as much as any other concept that intrigues and scares people.  Lance Morrow takes evil and shakes up how we view it and what it may actually encompass.  It highlights how we mold it to fit into our own lives so it makes sense.  

From my own experience, evil is not a figure with horns, but one with a human face and body.  There are certain things I view as downright wrong, but not completely drenched in evil.  The areas where evil lurks, light and dark corners alike, is not the same for everyone nor is it found at the same time.  The days are long gone of only wishing and hoping things get better.  Results stem from movement and action these days, and while it may not be what you thought it would be, they are results just the same.  It can also be applied to learning where you push your boundaries, inspect your beliefs, and break away from those things that no longer make sense.

From what angle do people, in general, use to understand evil?  For those who are viewed as evil, where did they find the justification for their actions and what punishments should result?  Who is the most evil person have you met and why do you think this?  These are questions that popped in my head as I read this book.  It’s easy to label something as evil, but much harder to see why and what is behind these four letters.  This is the purpose of this book.


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