Poem: Bloodless


I invited you more than once.

It wasn’t right of me to do.

Taking your power away.

Bleeding your veins until they were dry.

You resented me. I know.

It didn’t matter. I didn’t care. I still don’t.

You knew this.

Still, you kept at me, wanting me to answer.

So foolish. So stupid. So numb.

I wanted you to grow up. Be a man.

Be someone like me, but you failed me, every time.

I did you a favor. The one you never thanked me for.

You wouldn’t have been happy alive.

I knew this as your head detached from your neck.

Your hands seeking admiration as you took your last breath.

Seeking your meaning in the wrong places.

I closed your eyes and buried your head.

You can hate me. I accept this.

It really doesn’t matter. It never did.

You are gone. I am still here.

You are bloodless. I still bleed.



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