How Long Will Movie Theaters Last?

October 30, 2018: How Long Will Movie Theaters Last?

I’ve been thinking about the longevity of movie theaters and how long they will be in business. The need for a fairly cheap diversion from reality and entertainment is the reason why they will always have a place in the world, but I feel over time the desire will decrease if the trends keep going as they are. Much like drive-in theaters are a phenomenon of the past, it maybe that theaters as we know it today are few and far between. While it won’t be on the level of Blockbuster where only one store exists and that is in Bend, Oregon as of August 2018, the ability to watch movies on big screens in the confines of your home or apartment/loft has already made an unwanted dent in Hollywood and un-Hollywood movies.

There are some, like myself, who frankly wishes that studios would give more of a chance on other movies besides remakes and comic book heroes/heroines. I know there are other independent movies (that meaning has definitely changed over time) and adaptations that are worthy of viewing. The thing is I’m now willing to wait for movies to either come on Netflix or Hulu and if I feel the compulsion, go to Redbox or something similar to it. If I miss those opportunities, I can always buy it online. Let’s face it. The flooding of the ways in which to view movies has made the current experience of going to the movie theater less appealing to some. I used to be gung-ho in buying the ticket, waiting in line for the popcorn (large with butter please if you’re at Arclight), watching the previews, and finally 20 to 30 minutes later enjoying the movie.

Now, I’m less willing to sit in the theater although the current one has reclining seats to the point of you could fall asleep if you wanted, but you don’t because these days movie tickets aren’t cheap. The prices for me ranged from eight to 17 dollars when I lived in Los Angeles. For years, I went to AMC with their discounted tickets. Sometimes, I went to Arclight where the movies were the highest priced, but had the best popcorn. I liked Laemmle Theatres as it was a family run movie theater. I went to Regency right before I left Los Angeles. Now, they are around 12 dollars. The other reason I’m less willing to watch a movie in the theater because I’m pickier nowadays with the movie quality.

The movies I thought had opportunities to be good and possibly great viewing experiences were mediocre when the credits rolled. I was disappointed one too many times. Yes, movie reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve read enough to know there is something missing in many movies being released today. I can’t put my finger on it, but from what I’ve seen, there isn’t enough depth. The characters have backstory, but the actions only go halfway into the belly of the problem or issue. I’m severely missing that layer of fat. Not that I want eat it, but I want definitely want it dangling in front of my nose. Take off the saran wrap, please. Let me experience the smell.

I plan on seeing Bohemian Rhapsody in the theater. Not sure on opening weekend, but I will go eventually. I think the days of seeing movies every month are gone for me. I’m finding it too time consuming.  Bad, I know, but times have changed. The large bucket of popcorn should be enough for a family of four, but now it is usually deemed as suitable for one or two people. Then, you get the refill. I’m not sure what will replace the movie trend of remakes and comic book adaptations, but when it does happen, I’ll be looking forward to it.



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