10 Random Movies from My Collection

I randomly picked ten movies from my shelves.  Here they are without any order and with very short summaries.



Nine (2009) is a musical drama about an egotistical Italian film director who tries to find balance with his personal and professional lives.  Daniel Day-Lewis plays Guido Contini with Sophia Loren as his Mamma.



The Great White Hype (1996) is a sports comedy about two boxers, one retired from the ring and one in the best shape of his life, that come together for the big fight.  Damon Wayans and Peter Berg play the fighters.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the promoter.



The Good Girl (2002) is a drama about a store clerk who has an affair with a stock boy who thinks he’s Holden Caulfield from A Catcher in the Rye. Jennifer Aniston plays the bored wife, John C. Reilly as her husband, and Jake Gyllenhaal as the boy.



Machete (2010) is an action thriller about man who has been set up during an assassination.  With help from his brother, he gets his revenge.  Danny Trejo plays Machete and Cheech Marin plays his priest brother.



Rat (2000) is a comedy drama about a family man, Hubert Flynn, turning into a rat.  His family has different plans for him, but it’s clear this can’t go on forever.  Pete Postlethwaite is Flynn and Imelda Staunton is his wife. 



I Shot Andy Warhol? (1996) is a biography drama about the true story of Valerie Solanas who shot Andy Warhol after he ignored her requests to have her script made into a film.  Lili Taylor plays Solanas and Jared Harris plays Andy Warhol.



Undertow (2004) is a drama thriller about a father and his two sons who are forced to move to a farm in rural Georgia after his wife dies.  He reestablishes a relationship with his own brother.  Dermot Mulroney plays John Munn and Jamie Bell and Devon Alan play his sons.  Josh Lucas plays Deel Munn.



Casa de mi Padre (2012) is comedy western about a man, Armando Alvarez, who works on his father’s ranch and with the help of his brother hopes to bring it out of debt.  The problem is that Alvarez falls in love with Sonia and becomes the target of a drug lord.  Will Ferrell plays Alvarez, Diego Luna plays his brother Raul, and Gael García Bernal plays Onza.



Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966) is a drama about a couple living the married life of alcoholism, bitterness and verbal fighting.  It is only fueled when they are around other people.  Elizabeth Taylor plays Martha and Richard Burton plays George.



Hairspray (2007) is a musical comedy/drama about a teenager obsessed with the Corny Collins Show.  She finds herself center stage on the show and decides changes need to be made to make it more inclusive.  Nikki Blonsky plays Tracy Turnblad, John Travolta plays her mother, and James Marsen plays Corny Collins.



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