Rewriting Can be a Lonely Place


I’ve reconnected with my rewriting after a long hiatus.  I’ve learned a few things even in the time it went on the back burner.   Because I’m a slow writer, it takes longer than probably the average writer to churn out something people want to read.  I’ve done an equal amount of rewriting this story idea and even more obsessing about it in my head.  Jeez, the mental spinning I can do will make anyone want to stick a pencil in his or her eye.  Many times I have wanted to give up and do something else, ANYTHING ELSE BUT REWRITING.  Yet, if I didn’t commit to this task to the end, then I will be even more pissed because I gave up.  I wouldn’t have taken the risks of putting my hard work out there.  I want to take the risks.  Yes, there will be critics.  I know there will be.  Probably too many of them.  I’ve had many conversations about this with my roommate and how certain people are pegged into being the poster child or adult for a cause, and even worse if they don’t want this kind of attention.  I’m not saying I will forced into this category, but I’ve played defense in possible scenarios because the subject I’m writing about might come across as cliché.  I’m hoping it won’t be viewed this way, but if it is, then so be it.  I am my own worst critic and I am the only one who I answer to at the end of the day (human wise).  The passion has always been there, but as my writing goals including the number of stories I want to write change, the end result is the same no matter if I’m rewriting, writing, or journaling.  Be confident in your decisions and try to straddle your life with as much ease as possible.  Sure, shit doesn’t get done if you don’t do it.  Shit also doesn’t get done if you stew about it day and night.  I’ve been known to do both.  I can be lazy as all hell, unmotivated to the core, but I can also be energized and have the desire to kick the stones out of the way.  So on that note, carry on with your writing endeavors because if you’re anything like me, you won’t stop because you can’t stop when all is said and done. 


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