When Human Life isn’t Guaranteed

candle.jpgI found out today a person I graduated with from high school was killed a few days ago from a car accident.  I wasn’t close to this person in high school nor was I after I graduated.  He probably didn’t remember me.  We had nothing in common.  He liked hockey.  I wasn’t all that interested in it although I remember going to a game or two.  Why?  I’m not sure. 

I learned from reading his obituary what he had done up until his life was no more.  He went to college and played hockey there.  He never married or had kids.  Me too.  His family was important to him.  Me too.  He liked spending time with his parents especially his father before he died last year.  Sort of for me too. 

I know of a handful of people who died that are my age from my college days, and while I remember some of them, we didn’t have very much in common.  I knew of the general connections people have, but the perspective does change as you learn to quit thinking about yourself so much and give a damn about others in specific ways. 

Someone once told me the 40s are a great time as you are no longer in your 20s or 30s and have basically grown up.  You are at the stepping point where you are officially leaving the old mentality behind of being a young person.  While you don’t have as many miles under your feet as those older than you, it is evident you know more than a 20-year-old.  I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about my life such as when I’m past the age of 70, and the things will be really challenging for me. 

It’s not such a positive thought to have, but a reality nonetheless. I can’t stop aging as much as the next person.  We all say we want to stay young forever, at one point in our lives, but most of us don’t want to live forever either.  It’s not something I want to do even if it was a possibility.  There are lessons to be learned from life, but there comes a point in time when it must stop.  It’s easy to say live your life.  It’s much harder to live your life when living creates more questions than answers.  So yes, this is another reminder about the other part.  There are no guarantees. 

R.I.P – M. Parker


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