Netflix TV Mini-Series Recommendation: Godless (2017)

Quote from Godless by Mary Agnes McNue: “Safe is one of those funny words.  Sometimes means something different to the person who says it and the person who hears it.”


Producers: Mick Aniceto, Scott Frank, Jessica Levin, Michael J. Malone, Mimi Munson, Casey Silver, and Steven Soderbergh

Director: Scott Frank

Writer: Scott Frank

Major Cast: Jack O’Connell as Roy Goode, Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher, Scoot McNairy as Bill McNue, Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Whitey Winn, Tantoo Cardinal as Iyovi, Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin, Adam David Thompson as Gatz Brown, Samantha Soule as Charlotte Temple, Kayli Carter as Sadie Rose, Keith Jardine as Dyer Howe, Rio Alexander as Bud Ledbetter, Samuel Marty as Truckee, Justin Welborn as Floyd Wilson, Luke Robertson as Bill Chick, Tess Frazier as Callie Dunne, Joe Pingue as Alonzo Bunker, Russell Dennis Lewis as Daryl Devlin, Matthew Dennis Lewis as Donnie Devlin, Travis Hammer as John Doe, Marie Wagenman as Trudy McNue, Kim Coates as Ed Logan, and Duane Howard as Shoshone Brave

Rating: TV-MA

Episodes: 7

Running Time: 60 minutes

Godless is a seven episode western drama mini-series about a town called La Belle, New Mexico during the pioneering days.  It is in this town, primarily made up of women due to an earlier mining explosion that wiped out their husbands, where power and revenge is sought.  Three major stories play out.  The first is Frank Griffin and his gang seeking revenge on Roy Goode.  You learn how Roy came into Griffin’s life and his supposed wrongdoing.  While Frank’s only mission is to find Roy, more than one person has eyes on Frank.  The second is the sheriff of La Belle, Bill McNue.  He is dealing with his own personal issues and searching for answers on the road when he should be staying put.  His sister, Mary Agnes, has become a pseudo mother for his children when he is away and is a voice of reason for the women of La Belle.  The third is Alice Fletcher and her family including her son, Truckee, and mother-in-law, Iyovi.  There are two minor stories involving men offering their services to the women of La Belle and the outsiders who have built up a community of their own.  The reason for liking Godless besides it being a western was the overall production value.  There was enough realistic dialogue to tell the audience what was happening without overly stating the obvious.  Some of the cinematography shots, especially of the horse riding, were first rate.  The main cast including the supporting cast had a complete naturalness to their acting.  I know these are general things to like about a TV show, but watching this was like eating a four course meal where the dessert tasted just as great as the appetizer.

I rate Godless GREAT at 90%.




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