I’m Ready for 2019. Sort of, Yeah that.

End with a Bang and Begin with a Bigger Bang if You Can


Commit to Change

Explore Nature

Eat Healthy Foods

Exercise Regularly

Write Consistently

Focus on Myself

Keep Boundaries

Pay off Debts

Save Money


I’m back from visiting family in Portland, Oregon.  It was good to get away, but also glad to be back.  I like familiarity and my own things even if the bulk of it is books, movies, and various artwork.  Back to reality and I’m not going to mince words.  This year had many ups and downs in all areas of my life:  emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I suspect this is for everyone out there.  We all have the choice of keep on keeping on or not keeping on.
This year I wrote things I wanted to change, needed to work on, and spend more time with in my journal in the hopes it increased my chances of actually doing it.  I tweaked my goals throughout the year, not too much, but still enough to send my brain in overdrive at times.  There’s a fine line between my goals and motivation to do them versus having goals and being overwhelmed where I end up with nothing but procrastination, lethargy, and disappointment for not being able to keep myself in check along the way. 
Years have come and gone of wishing I could say I have attained everything on my crucial list.  While I have accomplished some things, the two most important goals I have not.  I admit I was too much in my head in 2018.  It’s been the same way for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.  You get the point.  I was over thinking.  I was worrying too much.  I was plagued with editing my life in areas when I should have just lived it. I’m hoping to break away from the patterns in 2019 that do not serve me well.  I’m hoping I reach these goals this coming year and, at least, give it more effort so I can say with 99% confidence I did all I could. 
WordPress congratulated me in saying I reached my 2 year mark today.  Yippee!  I guess it’s still serving a purpose.   I plan on doing less talking and more doing in the next year.  Good luck everyone with your goals and long live the pig.



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