Book Recommendation: Trained to Kill


Publisher: Skyhorse

Publication Date: April 18, 2017

Page Number: 232


TRAINED TO KILL: THE INSIDE STORY OF CIA PLOTS AGAINST CASTRO, KENNEDY, AND CHE is written by Antonio Veciana with Carlos Harrison.  This was an interesting read as it is from the viewpoint of a man who had an overwhelming desire to kill Fidel Castro.  It includes his upbringing and life before becoming involved with the CIA and his interaction with his handler, Maurice Bishop.  He would later find out his real identity and how far his power could go to protect himself.  It is less about the plots against Kennedy as about two to three pages are allocated to that.  While it was interesting to read these few pages, it is not substantive enough or verified enough to be taken as fact and is basically speculation even though he came face to face with Lee Harvey Oswald.  I was more interested in the reasons Veciana followed on the path of ending Castro at all costs, sometimes alienating his family and friends.  He made sacrifices and put others in danger in this autobiography as he even states. It was clear Bishop used Veciana and Alpha 66 to achieve what he thought was the best for Cuban relations and U.S. interests, but Veciana did much of it willingly without much questioning.  It includes a chapter covering Che Guevera’s life and death as well.  His last attempt to kill Castro closed his door as an asset.  It served as a reminder of what he spent a lifetime trying to accomplish but failed, but also opened another door where he was able to realize what was most important to him.


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