2019 is the Year of Dreams and Consistency


For most of my life I’ve had dreams and very vivid ones.  I remember them when I wake up and if I don’t jot them down during the day, they stick with me and pester me when I’m getting ready for bed.  This means I usually have to write them down more than not.   Sometimes I don’t, and they eventually go away and don’t come back.

For a good six months last year, I didn’t have any dreams.  It was a blessing and a curse at the same time.  It meant I didn’t need to write my dreams down, but it also meant I wasn’t sleeping as deeply as I should. This corresponded to the time I moved from CA to NV and when my sleeping patterns really became out of whack.  I was tired a lot of the time.  A lot of changes occurred with the move and feelings that were good and bad.  Things have toned down and starting to exercise again is helping.

For most people out there who aren’t part of the top 1 to 10%, they struggle with finances and what that all entails.  It’s easy to come up with mantras and slogans and positive sayings to help push you across the line of negativity.  I’ve lived by the phrase that my life was never easy to begin with and never will be.  Maybe, it is time to change this type of thinking.  Sure, I’m going to struggle with the majority of people, but my life isn’t completely a pile of human waste either.  I have so much to be thankful for and I recognize this more today than ever.

It’s high time I get back to feeling as normal as I can and give myself the benefit of the doubt.  It’s about time I put my words into action.  I find myself invested in having a routine again so I can have a healthy balance of exercise and writing (things I want to spend most of my time on) and anything else that comes along the way and have time for as well.  It takes the right energy to collaborate with all your varying parts.  I’m very successful at starting it, but maintaining it is where I have issues.  I’m not just hoping I keep going, but actually do it this year.  Here’s to positive changes and longevity in these changes.  Here’s to having more dreams.


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