Don’t Like Your Weight? Choose Acting as a Career! A Big Maybe but Probably Not!

Most of us struggle with our weight unless you’re one of the fortunate ones who like to exercise like crazy and watch their weight like hawks.  This made me think of the actors and actresses who lost or gained quite a bit of weight for a role.  There are pros and cons to this.  It’s usually once in a lifetime role.  It could get you an Oscar (they love a good drama and even better if it is based on a real person).  It could also cause you health issues during and after.  It leaves you hungry most of all during the filming process.  While I don’t recommend quick weight loss for anyone because then the chance is greater to gain it all back, even more for those who yo-yo with their weight, actors and actresses will and can do their own thing.  It is part of their job so to speak.  I’m sure they play mind games with themselves and convince themselves they aren’t hungry.  I know I’ve done that before.  Here are some impressive ones who lost or gained weight for a role (maybe a little too much for some) and not an all exhaustive list by any means.

Just one more cheeseburger, please!


*** Robert De Niro gained around 60 pounds for Raging Bull where he plays boxer, Jake LaMotta.  He also had to be in tip shape during LaMotta’s prime so he deserves top prize.

** Charlize Theron gained around 30 pounds for Monster where she plays a serial killer, Aileen Wuornos.

** Eric Bana gained around 28 pounds for Chopper where he plays a prisoner, Mark Read.

** Christian Bale gained around 40 pounds for American Hustle where he plays a con artist.

** Renee Zellweger gained between 20 to 30 pounds for Bridget Jones Diary where she plays a reporter.

** Jared Leto gained between 60 to 65 pounds for Chapter 27 where he plays John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman.

** Benicio del Toro gained around 45 pounds for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where he plays Dr. Gonzo.

** Gwyneth Paltrow gained around 20 pounds for Country Strong where she plays an alcoholic singer.

** George Clooney gained around 30 pounds for Syriana where he plays a terrorist.

** Russell Crowe gained around 63 pounds for Body of Lies where he plays a CIA agent .

While we never saw it on the big screen, Ryan Gosling got really big for Lovely Bones.  So, sometimes gaining weight doesn’t get you the role you really wanted as it went to Mark Wahlberg.  What can we learn from all this weight gain of actors and actresses?  If you want to gain weight quickly, don’t work out and eat tons of sugar, dairy, and fried food.  I’m talking ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes, potato chips, cheese, candy, burgers, fries, other saturated fats, and beer.  Obviously, I’m not recommending this by any means.

No more addicting and good tasting food!


*** Christian Bale lost around 63 pounds for The Machinist where he is an insomniac.  He has had to gain and lose weight for many of his roles so he deserves top prize.

** Natalie Portman lost around 20 pounds for the movie Black Swan where she plays a ballet dancer.

** Matthew McConaughey lost around 50 pounds for the movie Dallas Buyers Club where he plays a man with AIDS.

** 50 Cent lost around 50 pounds for Things Fall Apart where he plays a football player who has cancer.

**  Anne Hathaway lost around 25 pounds for Les Misérables where she plays a prostitute dying of tuberculosis.

** Jake Gyllenhaal lost around 30 pounds for Nightcrawler where he plays a freelance journalist.

** Adam Driver lost around 30 pounds for Silence where he plays a Jesuit priest.

** Mila Kunis lost around 20 pounds for Black Swan where she plays a ballet dancer.

** Tom Hanks lost around 26 pounds for Philadelphia where he plays man dying of AIDS.

** Chris Hemsworth lost around 33 pounds for In the Heart of the Sea where he plays a seafarer.

As you probably know, extreme weight loss in a short amount of time is never a good thing.  It doesn’t look all that good either on a person.  You might be wondering why I’m writing about this.  It’s a reminder not to be so gluttonous when it comes to food.  It’s a hard thing to overcome.  Most people battle it until they die.  So again, what can we learn from all this weight loss of actors and actresses?  If you want to lose weight quickly, work out (not too heavy with the weights) and don’t eat tons of sugar, dairy, and fried food.  I’m talking almonds, carrots, apples, tuna, dried oatmeal paste, liquid diets, pills, cleanses, and the ever hard don’t eat method (if you are an actor or actress above needing to lose weight for a role).  Most people aren’t willing to go to these extremes, but if we are being honest with ourselves, we still need to make some sacrifices and not eat so damn much.  I know it’s easy to throw around words and advice and wisdom.  It’s much harder to do it, but does it really need to be THAT hard.  I don’t think so, but check back in six months.  Then, I’ll really know, but hopefully not AGAIN.





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