Book Recommendation: The Secret War Against the Jews


Publication Date: April 15, 1997

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Page Number: 672

Get out your reading glasses and a large glass of wine or whatever else you like to drink.  I read this book a long time ago, but not sure exactly when.  Obviously after April 1997.  Being that I like to read about espionage and history, this book was ripe for the reading.  I wrote on the inside front cover “very good book” when I was done with it.  You know in case I forgot what I read or that it was a very good book.  The Secret War Against the Jews is exactly what the title says.  It separates itself into major three time periods: 1920-1947, 1948-1973, and 1974-1992.  It encompasses the major players and countries who had roles in this political corruption in regards to Israel and the Jewish people.  It speaks of top-secret documents, current and former spies, Nazi-hunters, selling of secrets, profits, and covert policies.  From the British Royalty to Israel to Oliver North, not many stones were still left in place.  This was regarded as a controversial book when it was first published and probably still is today.  I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories although some who have read this book view it was such and don’t believe in the authors’ findings via research and interviews, but I found it highly interesting, and maybe you will too.


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