Book Writing Exercise

Put two characters, each of whom wants something from the other, in a room together.  Neither of them is allowed to ask for it straight out.  Give them five minutes with only dialogue to get what they want.

“Is there something I can do for you?” (Woman A)

“No.” (Woman B)

“Okay but you’ve glanced in my direction a few times.”

“Sorry, I’m a little tired and forgot to brush my teeth.  I hope you don’t smell my breath.”

“You’re sitting far enough away.”

“It’s probably bothering me more than you.”


“It wouldn’t have been too bad if I had gum or mints.  I asked my husband to buy me both on his way home from the office.  He came back with nothing.  To top it off, my eight-year son somehow got sick and was vomiting half the night.”

“My daughter manages to get sick at the worst times too.  It’s always fun cleaning the carpet at two in the morning.”

“You’re telling me.  God forbid my husband ever wakes up to help.  He sleeps through everything now.  I’m beginning to think women are unhappy in their marriages for good reason.”

“I’d say some of them.”

“Forgive me if I’m sounding heartless.”

“Trust me, my husband isn’t perfect, but I knew there was no one else out there for me.”

“I thought so too, but the more the days go by I think I married Mr. Wrong instead of Mr. Right.”

“We live in a time when mothers are expected to keep everything under control including her marriage.  It definitely isn’t easy by today’s standards.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“Sometimes, you have to entertain all possible options even those society frowns upon.”

“Maybe, we should exchange numbers and talk more over coffee.”

“Today is pretty full, but definitely let’s make plans soon.”

“Well, my number is 262-223—”

“Hold on, let me get my pen.”

So what did Woman A and Woman B want? 

Woman A wanted to gain Woman B’s trust (at one point for a good reason and another point a bad reason as I was writing it).  Woman B wanted Woman A’s sympathy about her lousy marriage (and indirectly her approval to get a divorce).



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