Poem: In the Right

red flower

I watched you turn into something better.

There you were, so beautiful and so bright.

I knew the energy within you would never die away.

Luck was on your side, pure luck, whole luck,

the kind you only find when not looking.

Simply letting it play out as life plays out on an empty stage.

It isn’t easy being who you are, fighting for what you believe,

knowing it might not go anywhere.

I wish that you continue to hope for great things,

even if they don’t happen.

The opportunities are abundant, making you warm,

creating rosy cheeks willing to blush a little because you know you’re right.

Not wrong, but completely in the right, in the now, in the seed

that grows and grows.

That is you.

I continue to watch you spread outward,

keeping mind of the things that bring you comfort.



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