Journal Entry Type #3: The Routine of Life Can Feel Really Boring!


Third Journal Entry Type: I’m a homebody.  I usually don’t leave the apartment except to exercise and grocery shop.  Otherwise than this, you can find me sitting on my futon reading or coloring.  Or, if I’m being really lazy on my bed watching TV, Netflix, or Hulu.  Or, maybe taking a short walk to get an ice tea.  This year I have made a promise to myself to get out more.  So far, a few strides have been made, but definitely not enough.   Time has become a slimy creature to mess with me.  It leaves me spinning around and when I stop I’m not sure what direction to follow: start fresh or continue on the current path.  The dilemma that I feel day in and day out.  There’s not enough time for every interest and action.  In terms of space, I need to find a place to store my 3000 piece puzzle when I put it together.   The good thing is I have a while as it won’t happen until I finish my 1000 piece puzzles.

I’ve been looking back on my years and wondering what I have really accomplished that you can measure.  Sure, I’ve grown up quite a bit.  Sure, I went to college.  Sure, I’ve gotten better keeping things in check.  Sure, I’m not freaking out to so much.   Sure, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  It’s not a good thing to dwell on regrets, but it’s still there to deal with when they crop up.  Have I finally hit my mid life crisis now that my 25th high school reunion is coming around the corner?  All the things I wanted to do by this age but haven’t.  I see people starting their lives whether in their 20s or even early 30s and wonder what they will think when they are my age.  Will they have the similar views as mine regarding age?  Will they be 95% happy with where they are in life or a lesser percentage which is where I’m at currently.  I can’t help but wonder if I had made different prior decisions where I would be today.  Should I have studied something different in college?  Should I have stayed in the Midwest?  Should I had kids?  Okay, scrap the last one especially.

There are certain principles and codes I live by and know to be true regarding my life.   These elements are the things I’m trying to capture in my writing, artwork, and elsewhere.  This is the primary reason for my existence as I am today, but I feel I need to branch outward even more.  I think it’s time to not shut the doors so quickly on things I’d rather not think about.  I think it’s time to view myself in another way, and not in such a way that leaves little room for other growth.  I think it’s time for me to lessen the grip on what I know about certain topics, and challenge myself on other viewpoints.  This is the other part of me, the one where my measurements are not so much in dollars (although I would love to have more), but on the processes that occur when any change is made. 

Here I am having to put my trust in things I sometimes have trouble completely trusting.  This is where I am at life, being okay again with living a boring life and not giving a crap so much how I’m not living up to my own ideal standards.  Do I ever get fearful of my future and where I’ll end up?  Hell yes.  Do I get down on myself for my lack of inaction at times?  That is also a hell yes.  But, I’ve also done things too that others haven’t done and experienced things that not many will ever go through.  So on that note, I am getting out this weekend by eating on the strip and hopefully hiking as well so I guess there’s that.  Cheers.


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