When Blacklist came onto the airwaves, I was hooked.  Here was a show about the FBI about a newly minted agent to become quite powerful in her own way and the opposition she faced regarding a fugitive.  Throughout the five completed seasons and now the sixth already progressing with new faces and cases, the relationship between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen remains in the forefront.

So who is Raymond Reddington?  He used to be a former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer who left his position and absorbed himself in areas of the world one can only dream of visiting, which landed him a spot on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.  He makes a deal with the FBI where he will help them capture criminals that pose a danger to the country.  This fulfills two other goals: getting closer to Elizabeth Keen and eradicating the individuals who pose a risk to his lifestyle.  In other words, Reddington uses his charming personality to persuade others to get what he wants and if that doesn’t work, he doesn’t think twice with using a deadlier option.

This leads to who is Elizabeth Keen and why Reddington has such a fascination with her.  Keen is a FBI profiler who is married to a teacher, Tom Keen.  As she gets more involved with Reddington and deeper into the cases he provides for the team, her initial loathing for him decreases.  He may actually have a redeeming bone or two in his body.  She’s the type of person to keep work and personal separate, but over time this proves to be difficult.  People aren’t what they seem that leads to more questions with unsuitable answers.  The deeper part of her wants to know who she is and the secrets Red seems willing to keep secret at all costs.

My favorite season so far has been the fourth because of the back story of Mr. Kaplan and further insight into her relationship with Reddington.  The last season started slower than usual, but it picked up after the first few episodes.  Through all the twists and turns, lives saved and lost, and still not knowing all the details about Reddington, Blacklist still keeps my attention.  I’m patiently waiting for the next episode to air tonight because the character of Jennifer played by Fiona Dourif (yes, the daughter of Brad Dourif who is known for the voice of Chucky) hopefully proves to be more of a force for Reddington than the normal course of action usually taken.  The other supporting actors and actresses are excellent as well with the characters of Mojtabi and Navabi being two of my current favorites.