Writing Book Exercise

Jot down a list of things that make you angry.   Some of them make me legitimately angry, but others are just pure annoyances.  I will list ten of them although I’m sure I could make it longer.


  1. People who expect everything to be perfect when they order any food or beverage item as if they were dining at a high-priced establishment
  2. People who feel the need to jingle change in their pockets, which doesn’t happen so much anymore since debit and credit cards have become a staple for most of us
  3. The way animals are abused in factory farms
  4. The amount of damage white-collar crime can have on victims and their families
  5. Economic inequality among individuals
  6. People who drive without any regard to others around them
  7. The amount of unnecessary coverage about the English royal family including Meghan Markle and her family
  8. TV reality shows especially those involving any kind of housewife and the I wish they would stop being so relevant Kardashian family
  9. People who are overly narcissistic and/or have no empathy for others
  10. The fact my body is getting older and causing more problems

Write about one thing on the list. I wrote about people who drive without any regard to others around them.


I’ve been known to speed, which is much easier to do in bigger cities, and not get caught.  Trust me when I say the LAPD have bigger fish to fry than someone speeding 5 to 10 miles over the limit.  I do my best to follow the rules, but people in LA tend to have lead feet.  There are two options: drive fast or faster.  I’ve been honked at for driving too slow, in the slower lane, and one time had a woman slam on her brakes because I pissed her off for not driving recklessly.  If you’ve never been to LA, you will find that you will have little choice but to turn left on a red light or else you will never get home especially after work.  The only time I saw a cop pull someone over was when I was driving back from some road trip.  If I was driving 75 mph, the guy way ahead of me must have been driving 120 to 130 mph because when I looked in my rear view mirror, my heart skipped a beat.  This cop had to be driving around 110 mph because he swerved around and zoomed off like no one’s business.  When I finally got to where he was, he was already walking toward the car he had pulled over.  So when you see the signs that say the highways are being watched, trust them that they are being watched.  The bottom line is to be mindful of your surroundings and yes, I’m including myself here.  While I may not be the best driver out there because putting your hands in certain areas of a steering wheel is ridiculous.  I’m more wanting people to pay attention to the road and not make assumptions.  I’ve saved myself many a car accident by not gunning it even when the person behind me thinks differently.  Since moving out of LA, I found that traffic can be just as congested here too.  I found that out by driving during rush hour.  Never again.  So while this might not be the most original thing to write about, I can say my driving skills and patience has increased because of LA.  It’s a whole different beast out there and can’t wait to go back for a visit.


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