Poem: How Deep Will It Go?


The Earth seemed to open itself to me, quite willingly, and as the elements reached out for my ankles and legs, I began to wonder.

Was the pain I felt worth it?  Were the scrapes worth it too?  Was the chill in my hands and feet, in my head, or in my heart?

It was enough to remind me of my fragility, a human being of parts I should give more attention, and the liberties I should have taken. It’s not easy to shake from my consciousness the troubles that wait around every rock stepped on or passed by.

Is this the end of the road, as the saying goes?  Or, does it keep going?  Does it stop to wonder and worry as I do?

I trust the land beneath despite it showing otherwise, because anything less is futile.  Eventually, it will spit me back up when it’s good and ready.  It might not be in the order received, but still I went deeper than before.



2 Comments on “Poem: How Deep Will It Go?

  1. You’re welcome. I admit I have many interests which eats up my time. I’m a simple blogger too because I go in spurts. We do the best we can.


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