I’ve been on a huge history kick lately, absorbing like a sponge archival historical footage of just about anything relating to U.S. and world politics.  The most interesting part of this docuseries was seeing the footage of Robert F. Kennedy and his interactions while serving as Attorney General, Senator of New York, and his campaigning for President in 1968.  There was a definite transformation where he went from being the person intent of eradicating Communism at all costs to the person intent on combating injustices such as poverty, hunger, and job scarcity in America.  American people loved him on one side, but on the other side, there were those who did not care for him or his family name.  As he traveled from state to state during his campaign, his popularity grew and his message resonated.  Robert F. Kennedy had both charisma and smarts.  He won the California primary, a huge victory for him after losing Oregon.  With every variable factored into the equation, there will never be an agreed upon answer if he could have secured the Democratic nomination.  Presidential primaries is anyone’s game.  It comes with danger as those on his campaign and closest to him remind us.   There was a glimpse into the legal proceedings of Sirhan Sirhan and the conspiracy theories about RFK’s murder.  His influence on future generations despite never being elected as a President is what I took away more than anything else.