What were viewers going to do after Jake Ballard got his at the end of Scandal?  Scott Foley went from being part of B613 to being an FBI agent in Whiskey Cavalier, and everyone who watched Scandal sighed a big relief.  In his new show, Foley plays Will Chase, a FBI agent.  Will is made to work alongside his new partner, CIA operative, Frankie Trowbridge after they finished their first assignment.  The team is now complete with Will, Frankie, Jai Datta (Frankie’s co-worker), Susan Sampson (FBI profiler), and Ray Prince (FBI agent).  This is a lighthearted show with some action and humor, mainly focusing on the connections and lack of among this new team as they conduct missions.  You can watch it on ABC although I wait until it comes on Hulu so it doesn’t have commercials.  Part of the appeal is the work tension between Will and Frankie, but the cast together is well rounded.  Time will tell if ABC will cancel it due to lower ratings than other shows, but hopefully it will get picked up for a second season.  Maybe, I shouldn’t wait to watch it after all so it boosts the ratings.