Book Recommendation: When to Rob a Bank

“The most remarkable thing is that even after we figured out our eleven-cent contribution, we still felt good about the fact that we had saved a little patch of land as big as the room we were eating breakfast in.”

-Steven D. Levitt-

“It’s a lesson in opportunity cost: if you spend all your time catching the little fish, you won’t have time-or develop the technique, or the patience-to ever catch the big ones.”

-Stephen Dubner-



Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Original Publication: May 5, 2015

Reprint Publication: May 10, 2016

Page Number: 387

This is the last book I’m going to recommend by Levitt and Dubner.  I promise.  The end.  They again focused on economic subjects and personal interests.  Some I found less exciting to read about such as poker, golf, NFL, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I did find much more interesting the coverage of the taxes, voting, tipping, gas prices, greenness, crime rates, gangs, guns, prostitution, homelessness, and pirates.  It’s basically a book about rants and suggestions, as they comment on the cover, in the form of their best blog entries.  I definitely didn’t agree with everything they wrote including their views about changing how voting is conducted and the same with their views about gas prices.   I happened to read this primarily while on the stationary bike, but feel free to read it while not exercising.  You’ll probably find yourself less re-reading of sentences like I had to do.  Enjoy.


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