Poem: Left Me Raw

redarrows.jpgI have thought of many ways to kill you,

beat you down,

tear you up,

cut you diagonally,

and spit you across the room.




However, you were the one I touched not long ago,

and the face I kissed before we parted ways,

ours souls entwined forever in our dreams.


Now,  I mumble in my confusion,

of your rejection,

of your silence,

of your pain,

of wishing our paths never crossed.


You betrayed me with your close-mindedness,

telling me how you felt about my choices,

that I was wrong,

that I was lost,

that I was confused,

and not ready for your labeling and viewpoints.


I have thought of how much you envied me when we were young,

my light to guide you,

taking away your fears,

warding off your enemies,

and destroying those that took a swipe at your pride.


How, the tables turned where you are superior to me,

with your endless riches,

with your wide reaching fame,

with your youthful face,

as you won’t look at me from across the room.


You have left me with nothing,

no armor,

no helmet,

no sword,

and the only defense has left me raw.



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