Quotes From Celebrities About Being a Celebrity and Questionable Things Said by Some of Them

So you want to be a celebrity?  I’ve seen a few when I lived in Los Angeles.  The one who comes to mind is Courtney Stodden.  Every time I saw her at Ralphs with Doug Hutchison, I would to think the only reason she’s holding onto him is to have someone catch her when she falls in her stilettos.  Who goes shopping dressed as if you’re going to a club at midnight?  Maybe, they came from a club and needed a midnight snack.  Anyway, here are the quotes.




I think I get what you mean, Kevin Costner.


No one says it like Jon Hamm.  There’s no mincing words here.  Another reason to like Jon Hamm.  He’s serious and funny.  His well runs deep.


We get into the quotes where they don’t make as much sense and a few reveal how removed they are from average reality.

I can’t fault Sierra Miller for loving to smoke.  I smoked off and on since my college days.  I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but if I let myself not have any boundaries I’d still be smoking.   The last time I was around smokers, I didn’t have one although it was very tempting.  It’s a hard habit to break.  Smokers know what I’m talking about.


Shout out to Craig T. Nelson for not realizing food stamps is a form of helping others in need including himself.


This quote by Kelly Osbourne makes no sense. It’s clear she has a lack of empathy and is uneducated about the Latino population in the United States, but do you see any chance of Donald Trump cleaning your toilet?  The answer would be no.  Now, if she’s referring to the toilet brush in the shape of Donald Trump’s head then yes, he would be cleaning your toilet in a way.  I’m cheap so I have a standard white brush to clean my toilet.


Thanks for the advice, Paris Hilton.  I’m so glad you can relate to me and understand how similar we are as people.


I saved the best and worst for last.  We all know Kanye West does and says things for many reasons.  This quote of his struck me because he obviously put thought into his music or else all of his music would sound terrible.  Between the two, I would have to say Kim Kardashian is further removed from reality.  Her thinking bears like to stand on balls and have the ability to juggle is ridiculous.  Her quote tells me that she has no fine motor skills to stand on a ball or ability to juggle, but being a breathing human being with two opposable thumbs makes her famous, which is also her talent.  Okay, sure.

Now, back to reality for me, and by reality I mean watching Netflix.


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