6 Don’t Remind Me Quotes With A Blurb

I recently got a 2020 calendar in the mail and most all of it is from animal organizations wanting me to send them money.  I can’t express how much mail I get a year from these different animal and people organizations.  It’s enough to have countless stacks of envelopes and folded paper.  It’s mind numbing as it seems to be a lot of wasted paper, but it’s the primary way to get your point across and tug at the heartstrings of people who open the envelopes.  I have enough labels to last me five lifetimes, but the only issue is I tend to move around.  This leads me to the fact these organizations have to partially rely on average citizens without an abundance of money, such as myself, to keep them afloat.  I do wonder how many are truly sinking in a boat full of holes.  I know the exposure of certain animal organizations and charities that portray themselves in a wholesome light are eventually exposed.  We see they aren’t so animal friendly and where their money is distributed.  Wayne Pacelle and HSUS/Human Society of the U.S. come to mind.  I even think PETA has some questionable practices, but they do excellent work with exposing abuse in factory farms.  Animal Welfare Institute, Friends of Animals, Wildlife Conservation Society, PAWS, The Marine Mammal Center, American Humane Association, American Farming Association, and Best Friends Animal Society have been rated as worthy animal charities to donate to.  Earthworks, National Park Foundation, Sierra Club Foundation, Water.org, and World Resources Institute have been rated as worthy environmental charities to donate to.  As with any kind of charity or organization that says it helps animals or people, research is always good.  Goodwill and Salvation Army, anyone?  Not so helpful.  With this in mind, here are a few quotes about the parts of life that many would rather not talk about with more to come later.











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