Journal Type Entry #15: How Can It Be August!

lustcaptiveIt’s already the second week of August and I’m still focusing on my rewrite and life in general.  I’ve been watching more movies lately and trying to catch up on my never ending list of shows in Netflix and Hulu.  I’m learning to cut down on certain shows, ones that would be background noise for me, while I’m doing other things like putting together puzzles or coloring.  Since they were becoming procrastination for me, it’s become apparent I’m weeding out the things that don’t fit right now.  I only exercised twice last week and plan on getting back to the grind this week.  My knee pain came back with a vengeance when I thought it was gone.  It’s become a dull ache, at times harsher, much like my constant headache I have.  Even climbing stairs or riding the stationary bike is becoming hard.  There clearly is something wrong.  I’ve been trying to keep it easy.  It seems I’ve had more doctor appointments this year than I have in all the past five years combined although many of them are long overdue.  It’s time to figure out why I’m not getting a good night’s sleep anymore and finally getting an X ray of my head and chest.  I have more car issues so yes, the pain in real in my body and around my body.  I did see a movie this weekend I’m going to review hopefully today.  I browsed through used books this weekend as well after one of my massage appointments.  I usually have time constraints, but as I was browsing the books I took my sweet time.  I don’t afford myself this luxury usually so I’m learning to relax and go with the flow.  I also would’ve never bought a used book back in the day.  Yes, more learning and growing.  I found a couple of bookmarks and a postcard stuck in them.  I guess I was feeding my brain.  Do I wish I had more energy?  Yes.  It feels I’m living on a engine that is faulty.   I’m trying my best.  On that note, onward and upward because it’s the only way to go despite this thing called life.  Do I wish I could finish a book each month?  Yes, but never mind.  I can do this when I’m retired.




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