UFC 241: The Aftermath of the Fights

After what seemed like 30 minutes in total of signing up to UFC+, I was finally able to buy and stream UFC 241.  I was mainly looking forward to watching the fight between Diaz and Pettis, but all the main title card fights were great to watch.  This was definitely the night of the underdog as Stipe Miocic, Nate Diaz, Paulo Costa, and Derek Brunson showed being the underdog doesn’t hold that much weight (this time).  I have yet to watch the under card fights, but I will list the outcomes below.   I watched the post fight interviews as Nate Diaz is always entertaining, but I enjoyed the others too.


Let’s start in the order the main title fights played with Ian Heinisch and Derek Brunson. first.  Right off the bat middleweight Brunson took a nice kick to the head by Heinisch.  Being the seasoned fighter, Brunson was able to avoid Heinisch’s takedown in round one and paced himself throughout.  In round two and three, Heinisch lost some power and tired.  Brunson won the fight with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.  It looks like UFC removed some of the videos so there you have it.  I left the remaining ones up.

The next fight was between Sodiq Yusuff and Gabriel Benitez.  This was a quick fight as it ended in round one by a TKO by Yusuff as a featherweight, but not before they swung and kicked at each other if their lives depended on it.

The third fight was between Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa.  This was where it got exciting and the first time I’ve watched UFC where a fighter sticks out his tongue repeatedly.  Romero and Costa as middleweights came out swinging in the first round.  The younger Costa definitely had something to prove to Romero and stays on him like glue except when he “accidentally” kneed Romero in the groin.  The second round continued at nearly the same pace as the first in a flurry of action.  Romero was fast with his combinations and takes down Costa.  The last round was where both fighter were clearly tired, but they continued their combinations of kicks and punches.  The fight was stopped one more due to Romero eye poking Costa.  The judge’s decision was booed by the crowd with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28 for Costa.

The fourth fight was between Anthony Pettis and Nate Diaz.  The welterweight fight I’d been waiting for and the main reason I watched UFC 241.  It was not as close as I thought and would like to see them fight again given Pettis broke his foot in the first round.  I found this out after the fact.  To say it didn’t affect him during the fight is stupid, but as UFC fighters they continue through the pain.  Diaz never let Pettis be flashy as he liked and was able to take him down.  Pettis tried to get Diaz in a guillotine, but that didn’t work as he has a great ground defense.  In the second round Diaz showed his fighting skills and I’m surprised he wasn’t the trash talking fighter he usually is, but as he said when the fight was over he was fucking tired.  The third round Diaz kept the pressure on Pettis, much of it on the cage, and by the end Pettis was surviving.  They hugged at the end, but Diaz was still out to fight more gangstas, notably Jorge Masvidal.  Diaz won the fight with two judges scoring the fight 30-27 and one judge scoring 29-28.

The title fight was between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic.  I was not expecting this possible five round fight to turn out how it did.  I don’t get too excited about heavyweight fights compared to other weight classes, but this was interesting in the size difference and fighting styles of Cormier and Miocic.  In round one Cormier dominated Miocic and even picked him up what seemed like a long time and slammed him down.  Round two and three, Cormier had some tongue hanging out of his mouth as Romero did earlier although not as much.  It was just something I noticed, but he’s quick with his hands. Miocic ate a lot of punches to his face, but kept pushing forward.  Miocic showed he was in great shape.  In round four something clicked in Miocic’s brain and started punching at Cormier’s torso.  After four or five punches, Cormier started to wince and then the fight was stopped about 4 minutes into the fourth round due to TKO.  Miocic gets his heavyweight title belt back while Cormier is stunned, but not before what looks like a nod to traditional Irish dancing.   While talking to Joe Rogan, Cormier said he may or may not retire.

Under Card Fights

Khama Worthy won over Devonte Smith in the first round with TKO at 4.15 minutes.

Cory Sandhagen won over Raphael Assuncao by two judges scoring it 30-27 and one judge scoring 29-28.

Drakkar Klose won over Christos Giagos by three judges scoring it 29-28.

Casey Kenney won over Manny Bermudez by three judges scoring it 29-28.

Hannah Cifers won over Jodie Esquibel by one judge scoring it 30-28 and two judges scoring 30-27.

Kyung Ho Kang won over Brandon Davis by split decision by one judge scoring it 28-29 and two judges scoring 29-28.

Sabina Mazo won over Shana Dobson by one judge scoring it 30-24 and two judges scoring 30-25.


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