How Much is Your Gas Worth?

I decided to look online to see what the prices of gas were in the states and how it compared to the rest of the world since the cost of gas recently went up in California.  I was able to get numbers on the average cost of gas in the USA and the 10 top highest and lowest gas prices in the world.  California had the most expensive average gas, thanks to the additional taxes the state adds, and Louisiana had the least expensive average gas when only looking within the USA.  Within a day, the average price of gas in California went up by $0.05 so $4.12 today according to AAA.  It doesn’t even compare when going into the rest of the world where Hong Kong in 2018 had the most expensive gas at $7.12.  Libya had the least expensive gas at $.42 in 2018.  According to 24/7 Wall St., the most expensive gas is Zimbabwe at $12.64 and the least expensive gas is Venezuela at $0.03 in 2019.  As of right now, I’m perfectly fine sitting, lying, and standing (key word: living) in Nevada although I miss parts of Los Angeles although not the traffic.

Source: AAA from October 1, 2019


Source: 24/7 Wall St. from March 12, 2019


Source: World Atlas from June 11, 2018



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