Journal Entry Type #19: Do What I Can

I recently posted somewhere else my ability to touch the back of my feet with relative ease.  The thing I didn’t mention were my thighs hurting like hell before I bothered my roommate and asked if he’d take a picture.  They always seem to be overly tight and have to force myself to use the foam roller every week to loosen my muscles.  I’ve been trying to commit, at least, five days out of the week to exercise.  It’s not so easy not to do and find myself accomplishing this three times each week.  If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t buy candy or junk food.  They put on the pounds.  Guess what?  I bought candy and then ate my feelings on Saturday with a chocolate bar.  Lesson learned.  I’m working my way up to jogging 4 miles (it has to get easier) and getting back to weights consistently.  I went grocery shopping and bought some new things (after listening to a mom describe to her husband what each one was).  I prefer the cauliflower puffs.  There’s three months left to attain the two major goals I set for myself in January 2019.  Where has all the other 9 months gone?  I guess time to haul ass as they say and do what I can.



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