Objective: Spreading the Blog/News

What a great way to make me post another blog with minimal writing.  The second person to email me on my pisariescreator email happened in August of this year that wasn’t spam.  Being my life is never dull and I never seem to have a moment to spare, I decided to look at that particular email address.  My other e-mail accounts notify me when I have new emails, but not this one so I missed the three emails from this guy who travels, mainly of the overland style.  I don’t mind learning new things, but I can tell you  this probably wouldn’t be for me on a yearly basis.  I’m not a fan of road trips especially since I get car sick easily.  I could give the old try once, but that’s all my head and body could handle.  There’s good information on this overland site and just spreading the news, as the saying goes.  There’s a lot of places to travel and people to meet.  While I plan on traveling more when I’m retired or at least older, it’s something to think about in my future.  Click anywhere on the Overland Site strip below to connect to their website.  Cheers everyone!



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