Journal Entry Type #20: At Least, I’m Winning in My Dreams


I didn’t do much this past weekend but laundry, vacuum, dishes, dust, color, journal, read two chapters of one of my books, watch TV, movies, and Netflix.  By the time Sunday rolled around, I realized Peaky Blinders, season five, came out on Netflix (will be reviewing sometime this month) and watched that all day.  I kept telling myself one more episode and then I write.  I never wrote or exercised as I planned and using my intense sinus pressure all over my face as an excuse.  Besides work has been extremely busy and yeah, I should tone it down a bit during the week.  It seems I expend all my mental energy during the week and somewhat physical when I exercise.  When the weekend comes, I spend one day semi-relaxing and the other day trying to enjoy my day, all the while knowing Monday is around the corner.  Living the American Dream as the saying goes (spare me) because most of us living in the USA are NOT living the American Dream.  It pretty much exists on paper, in theory, and that’s about it.  There’s another saying that misery loves company, but sometimes you need to bitch and moan once in a while.  For any living human being, it should be a proclaimed right once in a while.  This past weekend I was able to actually sleep well enough where I had a few dreams.  The one that stuck out when I woke up on Sunday morning was similar to a treasure hunt except this one I had two chances to win a big prize at the end.  They were locked behind doors and I had to find a way behind them.  I was able to get into one of them and came across a large amount of money.  There were rules to be followed in this treasure hunt and I remember having to listen to them before the contest began in the dream.  There’s pluses and minuses to remembering dreams two days later.  I don’t have to write them down because I pretty much remember them once they are seared into my memory.  Then again, they usually follow me as the day progresses.  I was too lazy on Sunday to write any of them down.  So, this is what my life is right now:  still battling my sinus issues, dealing with my stupid arthritis in my hands, having hot flashes or whatever the hell this is (and it can’t be right and yet, I’m sweating when it’s 66 degrees outside).  I woke up Friday morning to a crying baby far away, but can’t hear the TV right in front of me anymore.  I feel like a bear getting ready for hibernation except I’m not a bear.  So yes, I want to be a bear in my next life time, but a big grizzly bear that is left alone in the wilderness of Alaska with plenty of fish.  If that is asking too much, maybe a human being with a little more energy and less headaches.


2 Comments on “Journal Entry Type #20: At Least, I’m Winning in My Dreams

  1. Know where you are coming from. Breathe….sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses.


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