Poem: Mosquito


Oh, how you buzz near my ear,

pesky little thing in my life when I’m trying to relax.

A complete nuisance, not small enough to ignore,

and what an ugly little thing you are.

Beyond any kind of purposeful meaning,

you are too annoying to keep alive,

but first I must find you again.

Oh, how fast you fly away from me,

after injecting your proboscis into my neck,

the bloodsucker that you are,

the disease spreader that creates suffering

to my brothers and sisters.

You will not continue on your warpath,

I will make sure of it once I stop itching

your poison embedded into my arm.

Oh, how my feet will dance around your death,

faster and faster as my excitement grows,

for I know you have your own

brothers and sisters, as you weren’t the

last of your kind.

But, until they show their ugly little bodies

and buzz around my head, I will rejoice

in knowing there is one less troublesome

pest around.




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