Flash Fiction: Mechanical Fly


When I was spotted, she caught a glimpse of my shiny legs supporting my metal body.  I remained still, a mechanical fly, halfway between her dream and reality.  I had been instructed to make this off-white walled room my home, but shortly after entering through the tiny gap between the window and its ledge, she leapt from her bed.  I meant no harm.  I wasn’t carrying any diseases.  I was here to warn, but this girl, smaller than the average child, chased me.  Her arms swung in front of her, and each time her fingers splayed apart, I knew her only purpose, at that moment, was to kill me.  It was another futility in a long string of futile attempts to get rid of me.  Her effort would go unrewarded, but by the time she realized this, it would be too late for her to go back and want my help.  If only she had let me buzz around her head a few times and hum into her ear.  If only she had allowed me to bite her on the neck and insert the serum into her vein.  If only her parents let her hand drawn flies be hung on the wall.  She might have not turned into an angry little thing, swatting at me with uncoordinated hands, not realizing what she was doing made her weaker.  I landed on the wall, blended into it, and kept still.  She waited, eyes alert.  It would come soon enough that she would learn about abandonment.  I was the only one with the knowledge to keep her alive.  If only I could appear from behind the door.  I’m a human just like her, only smarter but the same amount to lose.



4 Comments on “Flash Fiction: Mechanical Fly

  1. Makes sense! 😀
    So I thought that the fly was a human before and having been through the stuff, it now wants to help..

    But I like your take on it! 😀


  2. Thanks for the reply. The fly wasn’t a human before it transformed. I wouldn’t mind delving deeper into this idea and expanding on it. I thought of someone helping people behind the scenes instead hurting people. The fly was carrying something inside to help this little girl. I consider these flash fiction exercises as just that. I’m not rewriting them countless times over. I hope this makes sense. ???


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