Book Recommendation: Heart Thoughts

Quote from Louise L. Hay

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked.  Try approving yourself and see what happens.”


Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

Reprint Edition: March 1, 1992

Page Number: 256

If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a multifaceted person.  I know all about inner and outer pain.  I know all about ghosts and goblins.  I know all about keeping your chakras and auric fields clean and moving freely.  I know all about exercising to get out your aggression, frustration, worries, and fears.  I know all about being scared at your own strength and power within you.  I know all about being hesitant to use that strength and power when you need it most.  I know all about being mentally tough in different situations that may arise.  I know about wearing a thick steel armor designed to protect you at all times.  I know more about than what I’ve mentioned just now, but I also know the things many people still need to work on.  I’m the poster child/adult for beating myself up when I fail or what I feel as a failure.  I’m the poster child/adult for having incredibly high standards for myself even though I don’t apply them to others around me.  I’m the poster child/adult for procrastination and not dealing with things I should, actions I know that will make me a better person, and a more balanced person.  I fight with myself to do the things that will help me grow as a person in the long run.  Therefore, despite not finishing this book yet, I believe I’m far enough into it to recommend it again to readers of my blog or someone just passing through.  I don’t go on a soapbox often because frankly, I doubt I will ever change someone’s mind about him or herself.  Yet, I do have the power to share with others what might help them as a person in some way.  A book with positive affirmations was recommended to me and when I went to the bookstore I happened to pick up this book by Louise L. Hay.  So far, reading these affirmations and reminders helps me not see my life in a shit show kind of way where I feel hurried much of the time to get things done or start heading down a negative thinking spiral.  Some might find this too mushy or too stupid to read.  You might not agree with parts of it, those who are not willing to completely embrace it because it’s too foreign or you don’t adhere to certain principles mentioned.  As for me, someone constantly trying to balance the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of life, in addition to my working and practical life (think grocery shopping, washing the never ending dishes, cleaning my damn clothes, or putting gas in my car), this book is a reminder to open it up, ingest the words that make sense, and stay awhile.


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