Inventions and Garages

I’ve thought about inventions and the people who had these ideas and did something about it.  The great ones that revolutionized the world and not so great ones that fewer people know about.  I thought about the inventions that shouldn’t have made millions and the ones that probably never will.  As I was reminded on FB today, small companies that turned huge profit started in a garage.  Think Apple, Virgin, Dell, Amazon, Google, Mattel, Yankee Candle Company, MagLite, Harley Davidson, and more.  I’m not one to have the science behind it, but if someone can make a stick of some chemical formula to remove toothpaste from shirts, she, he, or they will be mega rich.  I’m not one to sit in my garage to ponder the next big invention either.  Enjoy the short video below found on YouTube and if you have time to spare, there are many longer ones to watch as well.



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