Journal Entry Type #35: I’m Psyched

facezipperInstead of working on my second novel idea this past weekend, I started reworking my poems on Sunday.  Jeez, I have a long road ahead of me.  Why do I do this to myself?  I guess because it’s all a part of being a writer, highly  and deeply unpaid, with decent skills.  I feel I needed to re-introduce myself and get all my poetry in one place other than my blog.  Hence, the main reason why I’m rewriting my old ones and including new ones as well.  The same will go for flash fiction and short stories.  It’s looking like my second novel idea isn’t moving as fast as I’d like.  OH WELL!  My new favorite mantra is this: IT WILL GET DONE WHEN IT GETS DONE!  These two collections will be free to read as an e-book and undecided if I want to turn them into print on demand copies.  As I jumped ahead, I made my own covers and finished them today.  I took pictures that were once recognizable and now not so much.  I figure this will hopefully translate into a handful of strangers reading them and then my novels once I publish them (for a price).  My sweat, blood, and tears have to count for something as I’m still chugging along for the ride called life.



2 Comments on “Journal Entry Type #35: I’m Psyched

  1. Love the mantra and honoring what you felt needed to be done! Your poetry is always a worthy priority. 🙂


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