Weekly Facts #11



Skin is the largest human organ on your body.  Not hard to believe because we shed around 600,000 particles of skin every hour.  It translates into about one and half pounds of skin every year.  If you’re lucky enough to live to age 70, you will have lost 105 pounds and even luckier by age 100, you will have lost 150 pounds.






The average number of Girl Scout cookies sold each year is about 2.5 million boxes according to 2015.  This means it equals about 10 million dollars worth of cookies.  I’m sure online buying is helping too.








All plants need water, some more than others, but it seems plants prefer room water at room temperature.  It’s common sense not to water plants with extremely hot or cold water.







The longest traffic jams occurred in São Paulo, Brazil in 2013 due to the holiday; Beijing, China in 2010 due to the holiday; Bethel, NY, USA in 1969 due to Woodstock; Chicago, IL, USA in 2011 due to a blizzard; Tokyo, Japan in 1990 due to the holiday and typhoon; Houston, TX, USA in 2005 due to a hurricane; Paris, France in 1980 due to the holiday; and East and West Germany in 1990 due to their reunification.






Crayola makes around 3 billion crayons each year or around 13 million daily.  They are made out paraffin wax and around 3.5 inches long.  They first were developed by Binney & Smith in 1903.






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