Journal Entry Type #36: Now What Happens?

Hello everyone,

storeclosedI’m going to begin this a little different.  Sort of like an email you’d write to someone.  Maybe at work or maybe to your friend.  Who knows?  Do you have that many friends you can or want to write to?  I only have a handful I consider really close and the rest are acquaintances more or less.  This is all I need, but I recently watched an episode of CSI about a woman who lived alone.  She didn’t end up so well although the person who locked her inside her closet didn’t help the cause.   I have some uneasiness inside of me due to this and I’m feeling out of sorts because of social media covering the Coronavirus.  Yes, I know this will subside.  Yes, I know this virus makes people sick and kills people.  Yes, doctors and scientists have a long ways to go to learn about this new virus (much like the HIV/AIDS when it was discovered).  No, we shouldn’t unnecessarily panic (this is where hoarding comes into play), but never did I think it would hit just about everyone and everything.  Can’t sit in restaurants and coffee shops anymore.  Some are completely closed down.  Not cool but necessary.  Some U.S. schools have shut down, workers are now working from out of home, and it’s dawned on me how frazzled a part of me has become because the impact has really come home to roost where I work.  The travel industry has taken a hit all over the world.  Cruise lines, airlines, B&B’s, and just about everything else is affected.  I really hope the U.S. only had this hoarding problem and I feel incredibly bad for those living in areas already stretched to their limits.  The Las Vegas strip is closed down for 30 days.

marionberryAs I sit here writing this, I can’t help but think even though my life is basically the same that I don’t have the option of going out anymore. I’m doing the same thing I usually do with my writing, reading, coloring, and thinking how much I would love to be able to exercise consistently (due to my own body not cooperating and now the gym being shut down where I live).  I’m still going to my doctor appointment because I’ve been waiting since December 2019 to see about this thing growing in my neck and would like resolution about the buzzing/ringing inside my ears on a daily and nightly basis.  It’s hard to sleep when it feels as if I’m wearing a squeaking hearing aide and my new neighbors are TERRIBLE at night with their noises.  I desperately want resolution as I think I have some kind of ear infection.  I need another referral to a dermatologist unless my ENT can give me something else to get rid of whatever I have that is growing around my mouth.  It has discolored my skin and it’s some kind of powerful fungus.  Yes, it’s not an emergency, but this goes beyond the angular cheilitis I thought it was as well as a previous doctor.  I need some medication to banish it to hell away and then some.  The Democratic primary seems to have taken a back burner as Americans aren’t talking about it as much because the nomination seems set in stone and everyone is too busy emptying grocery stores.  I learned there was plenty of sauerkraut, candy, cookies, and coffee beans, but good luck finding frozen meals, canned soups/veggies, and meats.  I’m trying to completely go off of dairy again, but I broke down and bought marionberry yogurt.  If you haven’t heard of the marionberry, it’s a blackberry from Oregon and a cross between the chehalem and olallie blackberry.  It’s also the best ice cream I’ve had when I visited one time.  Now, I want some.

buttpillowsI’m going to write in my journal after postponing it again last night.  I basically feel unsettled in a way and a part of it is because I’m waiting for my roommate to finish making suggestions on my love story.  I’m actually getting more psyched to make it better and spend quality time on it.  I need to do more changes than less, but I want to improve it.  It’s going to be a long road to the finish line and would assume the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed based on what is going on now.  I suppose social media has its perks as it’s a way to communicate with others when face to face is no longer an option.  I would love to get a movie from Redbox, but I don’t know who’s been touching the screens and this virus spreads quickly.  I would love to watch a movie in a theater, but that isn’t happening either.   Hollywood is postponing many of their release dates and for good reason.  Movie theaters are in dire straits (not the band).  I wanted to go to the Las Vegas strip before the Coronavirus hit, but I will see how it looks with no one there and without the lights soon from my car.   I’m hoping I don’t get it when I go to my doctor visits in April.  I guess this really didn’t take the form an email after all.  I bought some new butt pillows recently and made my own hand sanitizer (I hope I don’t need to do this often).  Well, I’ve about run of out things to say or maybe I just don’t want to write anymore.  Be safe and sound everyone and do things you normally wouldn’t do within reason.

Until later,

Kim Berg (aka: Pisaries Creator)



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