Weekly Facts #13


The element of Mercury was named after the planet.  The element of Mercury is silver in color and the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.  Think old thermometers.  The symbol for Mercury is Hg that comes from hydrargyrum meaning liquid silver in Greek.  The planet Mercury, on the other hand, is made mostly of solid iron and is a fast moving.  It has a cratered surface and no, you can’t find Hg on Mercury.





Astronauts obviously have to stay in their spacesuit or else they will suffocate and die, but in addition to this they need to use special pens in order to write legibly and special pots to boil water evenly.  Astronauts sense of smell is heightened, physically train to maintain muscle mass, and is not recommended to sneeze.





A study conducted by a University student in a Masters’ program results showed 88% of Facebook users kept tabs on their exes if the break up happened within the last 12 months.





The two most common causes of nosebleeds is either dry air or nose picking.  Some other causes include sinus infections, cocaine use, common colds, deviated septum, blood thinners, bleeding disorders, and chronic congestion.  Less common ones include leukemia, nasal polyps, pregnancy, and alcohol use.  The most common way to stop a nosebleed is pinching your nostrils shut for five to 10 minutes while leaning forward.  Some think a cold pack to the back of your neck helps too.


ecoliThe most germ infested places in your house/apartment include cutting boards, coffee makers, countertops, knobs and switches, make up bags, drains, faucets, toothbrushes, toilets, tubs, keyboards, phones, tablets, remote and game controls, keys, wallets, lunch boxes.  This means cleaning them more than not including changing your dish towels and shower towels on a regular basis.


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