Journal Entry Type #38: Finally! Toilet Paper!

TPIt took me a damn month to find toilet paper.  Too bad I could only buy one package, but I understand.  I was going to go for the cheaper pack but it had less rolls.  Since I live with another person, it goes quicker than normal.  Luckily, both our parents took pity on us and sent us some toilet paper.  I’m not a fan of getting up earlier than I need to, but today I did.  I even woke up before my alarm.

I’m busy working on my rewrites, poems and novel story, while realizing coloring a design three times takes way longer than only once.  I’m starting my Rorschach designs and ordered more Arches paper and other white paper for bigger designs.  I think I need another art show to get rid of my colorings as they are sitting in my closet.  I’ve been asked what do you plan on doing with them.  Honestly, I don’t know.  Many of them have taken weeks and months to finish.  I want to turn some of them into bookmarks.  Before the Coronavirus hit, I wanted to do more research into starting an online store.  I guess that will be for next year or later.  Let’s just say my life will always be busy with coloring, writing, and reading when I have time.  I’ve promised myself not to buy anymore books or movies until I watch and read the ones I already have UNLESS it is something I’m dying to buy.

The Coronavirus is tragic for obvious reasons.  It has killed far greater numbers than anybody would’ve thought (except maybe for a few who knew the virus was this deadly).  This new virus strain definitely has shown its resilience and power.  I’m hoping the scientists can find the proper antidote to help curtail the spread of it or at least the strength of it.  Unfortunately, it’s here to stay and still one of the most important ways to decrease the probability of not getting it is to wash your hands after touching things and being around people.  Not enough people aren’t practicing the six foot distance rule or staying inside unless necessary. 

If I didn’t find any toilet paper, I was thinking of other things to use.  I still have kleenix on hand, but really didn’t want to use it.  Someone mentioned plastic bags.  Didn’t want to use that either.  The hundreds of paper ads I get a year.  Don’t want to use this either.  Never tried a bidet but I  don’t think I’d like it.  That better be some high blasting water but luckily, I don’t need to invest in one yet.  It’s only Tuesday, but at least, I found some toilet paper and paper towels.  Now, I’m ready for a nap.




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