Journal Entry Type #39: How Often Should I Write?

typewriterWhile I know comparisons can mentally affect me, I decided to look up the authors who have written the most published works.  The top prize goes to a Spanish writer and I’m not sure what happened to the last three to make it 15 (my original plan).  Obviously, a miscommunication with myself when I compiled this list.  I consider Stephen King as an author who wrote a lot, but in comparison to the ones I listed below, he isn’t in the same playing field.  No fault of his own.  He writes when he wants.  He publishes what he wants.  If you’re lucky, you make some money like King.  

So, how often should one write?  The most freeing answer is as often as the writer wants, but reality more often than not includes personal or professional deadlines and neuroses.  I spent most of today napping due to waking up early, compliments of neighbors moving, and then feeling the effects of spring.  After getting black ice tea and green matcha ice tea, I’m now ready to focus on my rewrite today.  Given most of us have families and if not then other obligations, we can’t write all day and night.  So, another factor influencing the answer to how often should one write is dependent on the writer’s ambitions and creative pursuits.

The most logical answer I tell myself is I will write whenever I feel like it, but knowing if I do something else instead, I better be okay with that too.  No one is going to write my story for me except me and the only way it’s going to get done is by sitting down and putting my fingers to the keyboard.  No one is going to do the thinking and pecking for me.  So, yes, while I have no problem finding hundreds of other things to do besides writing, it has dawned on me if I spend at least one or two days a week on my writing, I’m doing alright.



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