Journals: I Keep Them in Stock

I decided to buy a few more journals despite having a few spares around.  Like with various kinds of lip moisturizer, I never have too many spare journals.  I’m not writing in them as often as I’d like, but now maybe I will since I have nine empty ones waiting to be inked up.  I ended up rewriting on Saturday and Sunday and starting an impromptu design although I need to go back to my Rorschach designs.  Luckily, I’m still working and think the social distancing does count for something because I haven’t gotten sick yet.  Some states are implementing plans to slowly reopen, mainly the West and East coasts, but I’m still social distancing myself. 

Monday is basically already done and soon it will be May.  I hope everyone is doing okay and if you’re wondering why I’m not following people anymore, it’s because WordPress hasn’t given me the option in the past few months.  I thought it might be because I opted to use the old format on this blog layout but who knows?  If anyone does know the issue, please let me know.  I’ve tried different search engines: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and nothing seems to work.  I should probably reach out to them.  On the plus side, I’m making progress on my rewrite and look forward to self publishing it along with my poetry collection and short stories/flash fiction later this year or early next year.  I suppose it’s better to have excitement with many ideas floating in my head than struggle to find inspiration with a few.  This is all I’m offering today: journals and more journals.


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