Weekly Facts #16

There are basically three types of lightning.  One is the intracloud (IC) that occurs within a single thundercloud unit.  Two is the cloud to cloud or intercloud (CC) that starts and ends between two different thundercloud units.  Three is cloud to ground (CG), that originates in the thundercloud and terminates on an Earth surface.

The highest proof alcohol ranges from Spirytus at 192 (96% alcohol) to Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum at 138 ( 69% alcohol).  The others include Everclear and Golden Grain at 190 (95%), Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey at 184 (92%), River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum at 180 (90%), Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe at 179 (89.9%), Pincer Shanghai Strength at 177 (88.8%), Balkan 176 Vodka at 176 (88%), John Crow Batty Rum at 160 (80%), Bacardi 151 at 151 (75.5%), and King of Spirits Absinthe at 140 (70%).

Gum has a long history but in 1914 Wrigley’s Doublement became a household gum.  It was created by William Wrigley and Henry Fleer.

There is no lead in pencils but graphite.  The #2 pencil is used in schools.  The different kinds of pencils range from 9H to 9B with HB in the middle.  The darker the graphite, the higher B number.  The lighter the graphite, the higher H number. 

Beer is split into two classifications: ales and lagers.  Ales are older than lagers.  Ales are fermented at warm temperatures while lagers are fermented at cold temperatures.  There’s also hybrid and specialty beers.

Silver, aluminum, gold, platinum, brass, bronze, and copper are metals that don’t rust.

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