Weekly Facts #17



Game of Thrones fans passed character names onto their own children with the most popular names being Arya, Khalessi, Daenerys, and Yara.  The male names were less popular of Tyrion, Jorah, Theon, and Jaime.





The United States is responsible for 12% of all waste with 4% of the global population.  On the other hand,  China and India account for 36% of the global population but generates 27% of waste.  The world produces a lot of trash and around 2.3 billion tons of solid waste each year. 






Humans can grow protrusions or horns and is made of keratin, the same protein in nails and hair.  This condition is called cornu cutaneum.





Henry H. Goddard, a psychologist and eugenicist, created the IQ test.  The IQ scores meant you were either gifted (130+), normal (71-129), moron (70-51), imbecile (50-26), or idiot (0-25).






A snood is a type of hairnet used to cover facial hair or head hair when working around food.






International DNA Day is a United States holiday on 4/25.  It acknowledges James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin’s discovery of the DNA structure in 1953. 





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