Random GIFs as GIFS

When you’ve eaten too many snacks and can’t fit through the door.

When the wind blows your mouth around and you look goofy.

When you’d rather do it your way because it’s easier.

When the floor is too slippery and you make the fall count for something.

When you have coordination and back it up on the runway.

When runway fashion is different from the rest of fashion and wonder if you’ll ever see it on the street.

When you’re incredibly close to moving objects and still remain alive.

When Tom Petty was a great musician and still is even though he’s gone.

When baby cakes are just as weird as this but not as disturbing.

When you want to be expressive but not like Jim Carrey.

When this reminds you love sculpture and want to do it again.

When you realize you can’t pause or stop time and accept it.

When you just want to go to sleep and actually do it.

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