Journal Entry Type #49: How Long Does It Take You to Stop Remembering Something?

I posted a blog about made for TV movies. I included most every one of them I saw and remembered. This was back in February 2019. Guess what? About a month after I wrote, I thought about the story of the Stolpa’s. They were a young married couple with a baby and they got stuck in a winter storm. They were rescued after James Stolpa walked 50+ miles to find help. All of them survived minus a few toes on James and Jennifer and their baby, Clayton, suffered no damage. They never made it to Idaho and while they were stranded in Nevada for eight days, they recovered in a California hospital. So, the moral of this blog is two fold. Be prepared if you are going on a road trip especially during the winter in rocky terrain. You never know what might happen. The second thing is if you remember something else, it’s probably best to write about it so then a year and four months later you aren’t writing about it like I am right now. It was made into a TV movie in the early 1990s and while Jean Claude Van Damme and Demi Moore never played the real Stolpas (their picks), Neil Patrick Harris and Kelli Williams more resembles the actual people. If anything, it highlights the will to survive.

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