More You Know: Biggest Loser Winners

Speaking of weight loss, here are the winners of the Biggest Loser.  Unfortunately, as many Americans and other countries have trouble losing and then keeping it off (lifestyle changes and consistency seem to be major issues for many), the majority of winners gained some or all of their weight back.  A few have kept it off or remains close to the weight they were when they won. If anyone is in the beginning or middle of trying to lose weight or trying to maintain it, I’m right there with you. The winners that stands out the most to me is Olivia Ward and Danni Allen.  Keep trying and keep going is all I can say. Some weeks will be better than others, but I suppose that is what life is about.

Season 1, 2004: Ryan Benson

Season 2, 2005: Matt Hoover

Season 3, 2006: Erik Chopin

Season 4, 2007: Bill Germanakos

Season 5, 2008: Ali Vincent

Season 6, 2008: Michelle Aguilar

Season 7, 2009: Helen Phillips

Season 8, 2009: Danny Cahill

Season 9, 2010: Michael Ventrella

Season 10, 2010: Patrick House

Season 11, 2011: Olivia Ward

Season 12, 2011: John Rhode

Season 13, 2012: Jeremy Britt

Season 14, 2013: Danni Allen

Season 15, 2014: Rachel Frederickson

Season 16, 2015: Toma Dobrosavljevic

Season 17, 2016: Roberto Hernández

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