More You Know: The Solar System

The solar system is made of basically planets, dwarf planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and one star called the sun. The solar system in moves around the Milky Way Galaxy (spiral galaxy) at about 515,000 mph or 828,000 kph. It takes around 230 million years for on orbit to take place around the galactic center. Four planets and one asteroid have rings including Saturn. Twenty four astronauts have orbited the moon and Voyager 1 is the only spacecraft to leave our solar system. Click on the photo below to see a good rendition of the Solar System and sources are from Nasa and Wikipedia.

Solar System  
Inner Solar System 
Mercury (no moon) 
Venus (no moon) 
Earth (1 moon and 1 star) 
Mars (2 moons) 
Asteroids between Mars and Jupiter
Outer Solar System 
Jupiter (79 moons) 
Saturn (82 moons) 
Uranus (27 moons) 
Neptune (14 moons) 
Trans-Neptunian Objects 
Outer Solar System 
Dwarf Planets 
Ceres (no moon) 
Orcus (1 moon) 
Pluto (5 moons) 
Salacia (1 moon) 
2002 MS (no moon) 
Haumea (2 moons) 
Quaoar (1 moon) 
Makemake (1 moon) 
Varda (1 moon) 
2002 AW (no moon) 
Gonggong (1 moon) 
Eris (1 moon) 
Sedna (no moon) 
Interplanetary dust 
Heliosphere produced by solar wind

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